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Termites are a social, organised insect with a diet that consists of wood rather than other insects.

Also commonly known as white ants, they are extremely damaging pests that will hollow out building timbers to satisfy themselves nutritionally.

Termites can be identified by two categories – dampwood and drywood.

Dampwood termites will typically nest in the ground and build tunnels to your dwelling.

Drywood termites are especially destructive and while living in your house, will, as their name suggests, completely consume dry timber.

Nests can be difficult to detect and the damage termites cause can be devastating if left untreated.

Termite infestation is a serious problem in Australia, inflicting millions of dollars damage each year.

How do you protect your asset and your peace of mind?

  • Preventative measures during construction
  • Annual inspections
  • Treatment by a qualified pest professional in the case of an infestation

With Advanced Pest Management Riverina, experienced staff, effective, guaranteed treatments and competitive pricing will ensure your property’s integrity.

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